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Companies and individuals taking steps to lower emissions are featured in a couple of recent articles, and it’s worth taking note, with a grain of salt.*

First, the Carbon Disclosure Project’s A-List for 2019:

CDP’s annual A List names the world’s most pioneering companies leading on environmental transparency and performance. This year, we recognize more than 170 corporates as the leaders acting to address climate risks and build our future zero-carbon economy – one that works for both people and planet. CDP scoring drives corporate transparency and helps to guide, incentivize and assess environmental action. In 2019, over 8,400 companies disclosed through CDP – a significant 20% increase on the previous year. Reporting companies now represent over 50% of global market capitalization.

There are 179 companies that received “A’s,” from Accenture to Yokohama Rubber Company.

Bloomberg puts out it’s annual “Green 30:”

The climate crisis seems to get worse with each passing day as stories about wildfires, droughts, and floods inundate our news feeds. But there are rays of hope, if you know where to look. Bloomberg reporters and editors have identified 30 people, organizations, and trends that are offering possible solutions to the emergency.

*It’s important to understand what they’re measuring and keep in mind these scores and evaluations are only as good as the information the companies are providing.

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