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This site provides education and information about existing, developing and potential alternatives for oil and natural gas as well as necessary systemic changes that are good for the climate, the economy and humanity.

Inspired by the post “Stop Using Oil – The Spreadsheet” by The Climate Economy Education Inc

You can view a larger version of the database at this link and/or go to and register to contribute to the database.

Lists Identifying Businesses and People Working to Lower Emissions

Companies and individuals taking steps to lower emissions are featured in a couple of recent articles, and it's worth taking note, with a grain of salt.* First, the Carbon Disclosure Project's A-List for 2019: CDP’s annual A List names the world's most pioneering...

An Amendment to the US Constitution to Protect the Commons?

Let's begin this journey with the idea that we need a constitutional amendment, which has popped up before. The amendment would align the US government now and forever in favor of humanity and nature, ahead of corporations or anything else. Currently, corporations...